Author Websites (Australian crime writers)

Blogs and General interest (Awards, social networking and anything else relating to crime fiction)

  • Aust Crime Fiction is a website offering reviews of and information about Australian and international crime fiction from an Australian perspective. It also has a terrific database of Australian crime fiction authors and their biographies
  • the Davitt Awards are sponsored by Sisters in Crime Australia for crime writing by women in book form. Each year awards are given in four categories – best adult novel, best young fiction book, best true crime and a Reader’s Choice
  • the Ned Kelly Awards are Australia’s major crime fiction awards. Each year awards are given in categories including best crime fiction, best first fiction, best true crime and best short story.
  • Oz Mystery Readers is a low-volume yahoo group that discusses opinions and information about crime fiction available in Australia. The group is open worldwide.
  • Pulp Curry where crime is hard-boiled and curried. The site’s host, Andrew Nette, is a journalist and columnist (as well as partner of terrific Aussie crime writer Angela Savage) and he discusses crime related books, film and TV.
  • the Scarlett Stiletto award is a national award for short stories, written by Australian women and featuring a strong female protagonist.
  • Sisters in Crime – Australia is an organisation devoted to celebrating women’s crime writing on the page and screen and its membership is open to authors, readers, book sellers and anyone who shares a passion for women’s crime writing

If you are an Australian crime fiction author, or have a blog, shop or other online service that is focused on Australian crime fiction please drop us a line so we can include a link (email us)

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