Over at his blog Pulp Curry (Crime, hard-boiled and curried) writer Andrew Nette has just finished Malla Nunn’s 2008 novel, A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO DIE and has tagged it an almost perfect debut novel. According to Andrew

“the book’s strengths – fantastic writing, an amazing sense of place, a wonderful less is more quality – are established in the first paragraph.”

You can read the rest of Andrew’s review on his blog.

Andrew’s opinions are in keeping with the other reviews of that particular book posted here at Fair Dinkum. My review said

yet another book that has everything I look for in my crime fiction and had me alternating between indignant mutterings under my breath, heart-in-my-mouth fear and more than a few tears

While Kerrie’s highlighted that it’s

a fascinating exploration of relationships in an area where white supremacy is already an acknowledged way of life

Coincidentally I went to my monthly book club get together this morning and received back my copy of this one (slightly battered in that way that a much-read book will always look) which has been doing the round since last August (or thereabouts). Everyone agreed that it’s a terrific read.

It’s certainly one of my all-time favourite works of Aussie crime fiction and one of those books I recommend to readers of all genres. It’s that good.