Seeking Contributors

Early in 2018 my good friend and collaborator Bernadette on Fair Dinkum Crime passed away unexpectedly. Our little reading group has missed her acid wit and I have missed her inspiration.

I have kept Fair Dinkum Crime going but in reality she was the energy and guiding light behind it.

If you read Australian crime fiction and would like to contribute to Fair Dinkum Crime let me know.

I don’t yet know how to add a contributor to the blog, but I am sure we can work something out.


6 thoughts on “Seeking Contributors

  1. I can appropriate your problem. I too miss the comments of Bernadette. Whilst not up to the standard of some of the contributors, I am willing to submit my comments of Aussie Fair Dinkum Crime. I do hope others can help out. Pete


    • Hi Kerrie,

      I have attached my review of Bombproof by Michael Robotham.

      I do hope that you can find some appeal in this offering.

      Pete Loveday


      • Hello Pete
        I can’t see any attachment.
        Is there any where online that I can see it? Or do you want to email it to me? (kerrie.smith@esc,
        I see from your profile that you are also in Adelaide.




  2. Condolences to you, Kerrie, I was unaware of Bernadette’s passing. I would be interested in submitting reviews. I am an avid reader (and exponent) of Australian crime novels and recently started following your website. Although I have a miscellaneous blog and don’t review often, last year I did reviews of Peter Corris and Adrian McKinty and if you type these names into my blog search bar they will come up. I’m currently reading Kill Shot by Garry Disher. Feel free to email me via my Contact page. Gretchen 🙂


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