The tingly excitement of a new book

Even though things have been quiet here at Fair Dinkum HQ in recent weeks (one of us is travelling the globe and the other is moving house) Australian crime fiction seems to be booming so expect reviews and news to pick up again soon.

Today I received a copy of PAVING THE NEW ROAD, the fourth book in the Rowland Sinclair series which is set in the 1930’s. I know this is becoming one of my very favourite series because I broke out in a giant, spontaneous grin when I unwrapped the package which had arrived unexpectedly on my doorstep this morning. I immediately started remembering what the characters were doing when I left them and became quite desperate to know what this book would hold for them all.Β If the book is only half as good as its predecessors it will be a genuine treat, one I look forward to curling up with in my new house. Here’s a bit of a teaser…

This novel is a step up for both Sulari and her characters. She not only takes them international but injects them into one of the most trying and terrifying periods of modern history, 1930’s Germany. With Charles Kingsford Smith as their pilot, Rowland and his entourage of artists and Lefties fly to Germany and are quickly caught up with those at the centre of German Nazism…Sulari deals with this shocking era in history with respect, capturing the mood in Germany, and at the same time bringing it home to an innocent pre-War Australia.

I can’t wait to dive in.

The book’s release date is 1 August so expect a review around then. While you’re waiting you might like to check out my reviews of the previous 3 books in this series



5 thoughts on “The tingly excitement of a new book

  1. Oh goody goody goody! Can’t wait for this one to be released, I’ve rather fallen in love with Rowland Sinclair πŸ™‚ Look forward to your review Bernadette!


  2. Sounds great, Bernadette – I must try this series even though I don’t tend to read historical — your reviews & anticipatory posts are most tempting! Hope the move is going OK. My daughter is moving back home from university in the next couple of weeks – hardly on the same scale as yours but will allow me some twinges of empathy as I think that in 3 years she has accumulated rather a lot….


    • The books manage to somehow be quite upbeat but still tackle some tough subjects Maxine…not something easy to pull off but quite delightful to read.

      As for moving it is always a chore – amazing how much ‘stuff’ we humans can accumulate – even when we are meant to be struggling students πŸ˜‰


  3. Bernadette – So happy for you that you’ll be able to continue with this series. It sounds like a terrific series. I like historical mysteries too, so this one should be my kind of series. And you’re right; there really is nothing like that great feeling of opening a package and it’s the latest in a series you love – wonderful!


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