Review: THE MISSING, PD Martin

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  • Publisher: Murderati Ink (March 4, 2012)
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Synopsis (Amazon)

The Missing is two Sophie Anderson short stories – one set before book 1
in the series (Body Count) and one set after Body Count.

1: Sophie Anderson is working in Victoria Police’s homicide department
when her boss assigns her to a local kidnapping case. Her boss’s deal is
simple: ‘Find my friend’s ten-year-old daughter and I’ll send you on
the FBI course you’ve been nagging me about.’ But Sophie doesn’t need
incentive to rescue a young girl. She throws herself into the case,
racing against the clock to bring the girl home…only too aware of what
the perpetrator might be doing to her.

Story 2: Sophie Anderson
is still a relative newcomer to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit when
her profiling skills are called on for a kidnapping case in DC.
Presidential candidate Senator Keen’s daughter is missing and Sophie’s
mission is simple: find her and keep it quiet. But as Sophie
investigates the senator and the daughter who’s kept out of the public
eye, she discovers more than a straight case of kidnapping.

My take

A quick read, this one, just 38 pages, two short stories, both very polished.

Story 1 is an early Sophie Anderson, set in Melbourne before she has managed to persuade Victoria Police to send her to the FBI for training. Interesting to see how far her character has developed in later stories.

An interesting feature of the second story, published in the Australian Women’s Weekly in 2006, is the two alternative endings. I preferred the first ending, which didn’t have political overtones, myself.

What binds the two stories together is that both are about missing daughters, one in Melbourne, one in Washington DC. Comparing the two, and Sophie’s profiling techniques, gives an excellent idea of how her skills have developed.

So if you have a Kindle, and 99 cents to spare, here’s a quick taste of PD Martin, one of Australia’s accomplished female crime fiction writers.

My rating: 4.6

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  1. Thanks for this! I really do like the Sophie Anderson series and this is an interesting addition to it.


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