A fair dinkum month – February 2012

We reviewed five books this month

We also posted the answers to our Australia Day historical crime fiction quiz and discussed the TV adaptation of Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. 

Reviews of Aussie crime fiction elsewhere on the web

Andrew at Pulp Curry reviewed Adrian McKinty’s THE COLD, COLD GROUND and proclaims it “sharp, well written, combining political analysis with a hard noir edge.”

Crime writer Angela Savage reviews Wendy James’ THE MISTAKE calling it “a compelling, gut-wrenching novel that is not easily categorised. Part family drama, part psychological thriller, it pushes the boundaries of the crime genre”. Angela talked about this book along with Peter Corris’ THE COMEBACK on Radio National last week too.

Angela also reviewed Peter Corris’ THE COMEBACK saying that “reading Cliff Hardy novels is like sitting down with a favourite uncle in a pub and getting him to tell his best stories over a few beers”.

Sarah at Crimepieces went outside her comfort zone to read Kathryn Fox’s SKIN AND BONE and enjoyed the plotting.

Jon at Bite the Book reviewed Tony Cavanaugh’s debut novel PROMISE, which he found brutal and shocking but compelling.

Shelleyrae at Book’d Out reviewed Katherine Howell’s latest novel SILENT FEAR which she found so exciting she read it in a single sitting. Meanwhile Jason Nahrung tackled Katherine’s first novel FRANTIC for the Australian Women Writer’s challenge which he found “a methodical tale, competently told, with attention to detail — leaves in drains, the smell of food — and no grandstanding.

At Petrona Maxine reviewed Y.A. Erskine’s THE BROTHERHOOD and labelled it a “a superb police-procedural with a difference”. 

Margot Kinberg added Peter Temple’s BAD DEBTS to her thoughtful In The Spotlight series and described it as “a ‘hardboiled’ novel with depth and character, Bad Debts is also a believable group of crimes with a believable set of motives in a distinct setting”.

Australian crime fiction in the news and on the web

There’s a new free cookbook based on Kerry Greenwood’s Corinna Chapman novels available for download (click on the cookbook cover to access the PDF document) (Hat tip to Janet Rudolph)

A reminder that it’s never to late to join the Australian Women Writers Challenge or the Aussie Authors Challenge (or both) to motivate your 2012 consumption of Aussie crime fiction. 

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  1. Thanks for the round-up and news of Katherine Howell’s new book.
    However, I don’t know about the Corinna Chapman cookbook. I like this series so much I already overeat muffins when I read about the bakery, particularly, the baking of new recipes. I don’t need encouragement to bake them, too!


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