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I first came across Adrian d’Hage’s name more than a year ago when he appeared on a national public radio show that discusses religion, politics and hoochies. The show is hosted by a septuagenarian Catholic priest and a 30-something TV documentary maker and to say it has an eclectic mix of guests is something of an understatement. d’Hage was talking about his newest book, a conspiracy thriller involving an ancient religion, Nazis and the possible end of the world. It sounded like my cup of tea but when I learned it is written by someone who went almost as high as you can get in the Australian military (as a Brigadier he headed the counter-terrorism planning for the Sydney Olympics in 2000) and is also a qualified wine chemist and ski instructor I figured it for a must read. It’s taken me 7 months to move the book from my wishlist to currently reading but such are the vagaries of a large TBR pile.

Here’s the publisher’s blurb

Deep in the Guatemalan jungle lies the Maya Codex, an ancient document containing a terrible warning for civilisation. Archaeologist Dr Aleta Weizman and CIA agent Curtis O’Connor are desperately searching for the codex, but powerful forces in Washington and Rome will do anything to stop them.

Both Weizman and O’Connor know that the earth will align with a massive black hole at the centre of the galaxy on the winter solstice, December 2012 – just as the Mayans predicted. Might a catastrophic pole shift be on the way?

From the corridors of power in Nazi Germany to modern-day Washington, from the secret archives of the Vatican to the Temple of the Lost World pyramid in the jungles of Central America, The Maya Codex takes us on a heart-stopping journey to find the codex before it’s too late.

Having been very disappointed by the last thriller I read (John le Carre’s OUR KIND OF TRAITOR) I was a bit skeptical about starting another one (am I over them?) but so far this one has hooked me in. At least it’s got a ripping start (including Nazis vs the Vatican) and seems to be an intelligent bit of escapism.

For the pedants (like me) I know Adrian’s surname should have an accent over its ‘e’ but I can’t for the life of me work out how to do that using Blogger.

3 thoughts on “Currently reading THE MAYA CODEX

  1. I also really enjoyed this book, would anyone know if there is any news on the rest of the series being released anytime soon? ( At the end the author says this is book one in a three part series)

    Thanks 🙂


  2. Jack I believe this book is the third one of the series though I haven’t read the first two so can’t comment for sure but the blurbs do indicate they are loosely connected

    The Omega Scroll (2005)
    The Beijing Conspiracy (2007)
    The Maya Codex (2010)


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